Snowbee Open Day 2017

You are invited to our PRE-SEASON Open Day, on
SATURDAY 4th March 2017 9:30am – 2:00pm
Regulars to our Open Day will know it has become a bit of a tradition, with numerous bargains available on the day.
Once again we have a fabulous new range of Fly Fishing products for 2017, so to make room for these, we have some unrepeatable offers on many discontinued products.
The new season is looming, so bring the shopping list, the wife and the Credit Cards!
There will be the usual Fly tying demonstrations by local experts
Mike Weaver, who specialises in River Dry Flies and Nymphs and Russ Symons, who specialises in Saltwater Flies, Buzzers & Emergers. There will also be a Fly Casting Clinic run by Paul Kenyon & Geoff Stephens of Fly Fishing Devon – a local Instruction & Guiding service, so this is a good opportunity to polish up your casting before the season starts.
There will be many experts on hand to answer questions on all aspects of fly fishing,
both leisure & competition, so this is an ideal opportunity to iron-out all the ‘bad habits’ before the season starts, as these guys have probably forgotten more about Fly Fishing than most of us will ever know, so if you have any problems or questions – come along and ask!
Light refreshments will be provided 11am – 1pm & ample parking available.
Please join us, for what has become a great day out and a chance to meet up with old friends and lie about the size of the fish you caught last season!
We look forward to seeing you on the 4th March, but for those of you who live too far away to come to the Open Day, we have included Special Clearance Offer Lists for many items which are immediately available, by Mail-Order. Don’t delay however – limited stocks and all items on a “first come, first served” basis.

PLEASE NOTE that to be fair to those travelling a long distance the doors
will NOT open until 9:30am.
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Snowbee Stinger Skad lures

Stinger Skad Lures

Our Stinger Skad lures have revolutionised the lure fishing market with regular reports of them out-fishing many previous market leaders!
Combining over 100 years of experience, with much of that time spent fishing Channel wrecks out of Plymouth, the Snowbee sea fishing product development team, pooled their knowledge and experience to create the Skad.


The lifelike action of the Skad, is the result of years of research and testing, to create the perfect lure. Using a high grade, natural scent PVC material, resulted in a highly durable lure that will not tear apart, the first time a fish hits it.


The highly elastic tail is able to ‘stretch’ when fish are ‘biting shy’, rather than snap-off, as has been the case with some lures. This new material is also unique, in that it is crystal clear, unlike many of our competitors, whose lures use an opaque material. The advantage of this clarity is a clear light reflection, off the outer surface, coupled with an enticing holographic shimmer, off the internal lead-weight foil wrap – a combination which any predatory fish finds irresistible.


3350The tail has a series of moulded ‘slots’ down each side, while the oversized ‘paddle’ tail, is angled forward along the bottom edge. This combination not only creates an exaggerated tail action, even at very low speeds, but also sets up additional undersea noise – a proven fish attractor.
Fitted with over-size, ultra-sharp hooks, to ensure fish stay hooked plus large, holographic eyes – a known ‘trigger point’ for any predatory fish. Shop now 

A Superb John Dory caught on a day trip aboard Hugh Shepherds Snowbee sponsored boat, Patient Pursuit.
A Superb John Dory caught on a day trip aboard Hugh Shepherds Snowbee sponsored boat, Patient Pursuit.

This lovely specimen Joh Dory fell to a Rhubard and Custard Skad lures and was part of a haul including some excellent Bass too. The new Skad lures have been accounting for a number of remarkable catches – this being one of them.

Bass fishing with a Magnum but the Mackerel got there first!
Bass fishing with a Magnum but the Mackerel got there first!

Stinger Skad ‘Magnum’
Following the success of the original Skad lures, we were constantly asked for a bigger lure, particularly for the monster Cod, Coalfish and Salmon found off Norway, Orkney and Shetland… so here it is… the Skad Magnum! 3352And believe us when we say size matters! Big bait… big fish – simple as that!fullsizeoutput_4e53

The Skad can be fished on a traditional long flowing trace and boom, over reef or wrecks, for species such as pollack, cod and ling, or used as a casting lure for inshore species such as bass, pollack, mackerel etc.

Either way, they are lethal fish catchers! On our first trip with the prototype samples, aboard the Snowbee ‘Deep Blue3’, just a single lure accounted for over a dozen fish, including ling to nearly 20lbs. The lure? A little chewed up, as you’d expect, but quite capable of fishing again… and again!

A deep water wreck Ling caught on a Pearl Snowbee Skad lure.
A deep water wreck Ling caught on a Pearl Snowbee Skad lure.

Stinger Skad lures are available from these 10 amazing colours: Rhubarb & Custard, Blue Holo, Green Mackerel Firetail, Pink Holo, Black Firetail, Sandeel Holo, Pearl Oyster, Pearl Bloodhead, Sardine Pearl & Coalie Pearl. Shop now


1479-1330-0-500-500 1479-1329-0-500-500

Snowbee’s innovative Fly box/tool kit & Multi box “The ideal gift for the fly fisherman who has everything!”

An innovative new, combined Fly Box and Tool Kit containing everything needed for a day’s fly fishing – zinger, stainless steel snips, long nosed, lockable forceps and leather leader straightener/fly line cleaner.


Comes with a spare fly foam so once the tools have been removed, it can be fitted to make a double-sided fly box. The ideal gift for the fly fisherman who has everything! Colour: Green with clear lids

Fly Box / Tool Kit
Buy Online >



Snowbee Multi-Box
A superb quality, small Multi-Box ideal for storing dry flies and nymphs. Solidly built in ABS plastic with a heavy-duty hinge that is not going to break half way through the first season!img_1681

Double-sided, with a waterproof gasket all around, making it buoyant if dropped. 4 spring loaded lids covering a total of 14 compartments. Undoubtedly the best small multi-box we’ve seen and as the MD couldn’t break it after a full season’s use, it goes in the catalogue!
Colour: Olive Green

Snowbee Multi-Box
Buy Online >

Last knockings! Fly and Lure fishing for Bass at dusk…

Understanding the importance of the low light in the life of the Bass and many other predators for that matter is crucial to our success. Clearly this is by no means the only time to catch them but it is a time of increased activity for the fish which gives us anglers an advantage and chance to out wit them and bag a big one!

Bass on a stinger lure
Bass on a stinger lure

Skilled anglers will know that this is the time to be ready for, the window of maximum opportunity is short and its no time to be thinking of changing the fly or leader! You need to be at the top of your game, you may only get 20 minutes; maximise your skills during this calm, erie and sometimes spectacular time when the sun drops below the horizon in a blaze of glory and everything takes on that fabulous burnt orange colour, with that lovely band of reds and oranges still on the horizon.


You may have already been fishing for hours and picked up a couple of nice fish but now is the time to catch in numbers and pick off that prize personal best!
To further explain, by low light we are referring to periods around sunset and twilight, potentially the final hour of the day before the sun dips below the horizon and then the next 30 minutes referred to as twilight, when you can see both the stars in the sky and the horizon!


These periods are believed to be so important to us anglers because the activity level of the Bass increase significantly, effectively they are also capitalising on the low light to give them an advantage over their prey!

As a predator, the Bass will gorge itself when the opportunity arrises and this occurs at times when their food source is plentiful as well when its most vulnerable!

A fine 5lb Bass caught in the Taw estuary using a Snowbee raptor rod & 4000 reel on a Stinger Tide-Runner Minnow 125F
A fine 5lb Bass caught on a Stinger deceiver lure

Mid summer when the sandeel and white bait are plentiful, coincide this with a spring tide in full flow at dusk and you have the perfect conditions for a feeding frenzy.

Ironically the baitfish themselves are most actively feeding at this time, perhaps wandering a little to far away from the shallow water or weed beds either in search of food or pushed by the increased current flow.

There is nothing more exciting to the angler watching and reading the water for signs of fish, to suddenly see the water come alive with silver as the bait fish jump for the sky as they are pursued by the marauding Bass!

Don’t be afraid to fish ridiculously close to the shore!…

As the Bass corall the bait fish towards the shore they often end up on the beach or bank in a desperate attempt to escape, bass can occasionally be seen chasing them with their backs clearly out of the water!

Mackerel and hate bait momentarily stranded as they are beached during a feeding frenzy, no doubt the Bass are lurking nearby to capitalise on events!
Mackerel and hate bait momentarily stranded as they are beached during a feeding frenzy, no doubt the Bass are lurking nearby to capitalise on events!

As anglers, we can take advantage of these low light opportunities with a number fishing techniques. With the Bass in an active feeding mode and effectively hitting anything that moves, the strategy should involve the use of flies, lures or baits that can be presented quickly and effectively over a large area and with the ability to switch direction and area to follow the feeding fish. Therefore spinning with a lure or fly fishing are the two  best methods to deploy. Live and dead baits tend to come into their own after dark, but that’s another story.

Bass gear

Doesn’t need to be anything too specialised, a 9′ fly rod wt #7 is ample to cast a reasonably large streamer, ideally you want a good quality reel that can cope with the salt water.

Snowbee Geo 9' fly rod
Snowbee Geo 9′ fly rod
Snowbee 8′ 10 to 50 gramme Kuroshio rod, with raptor 3000 reel

Equally an 8 to 9 ft spinning rod capable of casting 10 to 50 grammes is ideal, length of rod is more a personal choice, modern technology offers plenty of forgiveness in quality gear.

Bass Flies


Flies to use are streamer patterns with plenty of movement such as our surf deceivers and baitfish specials. Don’t be afraid to fish ridiculously close to the shore with your fly these shallow water opportunities are where fly fishing has the upper hand over lures.


Bass will chase their prey right into the shallows and often when fishing the surf you see the Bass shore side of you, in fact this can be a good tactic to deploy, wade out some 30 metres and fish back in towards the shore. Also useful when there is an onshore breeze, as it makes the casting easier!

Bass Lures

Snowbee Stinger lures are specifically designed to achieve ultra realistic
shapes and profiles imitating the swimming action and vibrations of natural bait fish. The Plugs feature life-like scale patterns, coupled with pearlescent or holographic finishes for the ultimate realism, guaranteed to attract the attention of Bass and other predatory fish. Oversized, 3D epoxy eyes provide a ‘trigger-point’ to help provoke an aggressive response.

The Bass are particularly fond of the Stinger Deceiver Minnow 75S
A versatile new small minnow design, which will cover many requirements.3362

Equally suited to fresh or salt water fishing the exaggerated lip, allows the Deceiver to be either ‘jerk-fished’, causing it to dart downwards, like a startled baitfish, looking for cover, or fished very slow, where the oversized lip gives it a long, slow ‘side to side’ action. A perfect lure for modern LRF fishing and shallow close in beach/bank where a hard lure action is required.

Snowbee fishing caps maximise your vision, reduce glare & keep the sun off during the hot summer days!

Photograph of a Sunset over Hope's cove South Devon
Sunset over Hope’s cove South Devon

Sunset, just the perfect time to start fishing, as the sun is setting the larger predatory fish start moving inshore with some confidence to pick off the bait fish and fry lurking in the shallows and rocky gullies. Large dark lures fished noisily on the surface can be incredibly effective!

Snowbee fishing caps are ideal to maximise your vision reduce glare and keep the sun off during the hot summer days, be it on the boat, beach or river bank!

Snowbee visors
Snowbee visors


Snowbee visor                                                                                                The popular baseball style fishing caps, shade the eyes and offer warmth in the winter months, but can often be too hot during the summer, when all you require is a peak to shade your eyes. The Visors are simply a stiffened head-band with peak attached for those really hot days. Buy now

Snowbee Mesh caps
Snowbee Mesh caps

Mesh Caps
The Mesh Caps are based on our popular 5-panel design, but with the side and rear panels replaced with a cool mesh material for ventilation, ideal for those really hot days. Buy now

Snowbee 5 panel fishing caps
Snowbee 5 panel fishing caps


Panel Fishing Caps
Soft, brushed cotton material in a modern 5-panel design, with a rear Velcro adjuster strap and contrasting Snowbee logo. Buy now

Snowbee 6 panel fishing cap
Snowbee stonewashed 6 panel fishing cap

Stonewashed Cotton Fishing Cap
A quality cap in the latest 6-panel design with stiffened, pre-bent peak. Made from a tough, warm 100% brushed cotton drill material, with a stonewashed finish. Discretely embroidered with a self-colour Snowbee logo. Rear leather adjuster strap with brass buckle, embossed with the Snowbee logo. Buy now


Folding Cap
A totally unique, innovative, new folding cap for 2014. Baseball style caps are an extremely popular item for fly fishing, but are not the easiest item to store or carry, when not being worn. Our new Folding Cap is made from 100% polyester micro-check material with a water repellent finish. The peak has a trifold facility, so the whole cap can be folded flat to fit in a pocket. Buy now

Flats fishing cap
Flats fishing cap



Flats Fishing Cap
The ultimate Tropics Fishing Cap from Snowbee! Manufactured from ultra lightweight microfibre, this cap will keep you cool in the most severe conditions. When things really heat up the two mesh side panels help keep you cool. An additional feature is the removable neck shield, which is attached by Velcro to the inside of the cap band. It provides welcome sun protection to the neck and ears when fishing the Tropics. Adjustable elasticated draw cord at the rear of the cap, for a snug fit in windy conditions. Buy now

Wide brimmed ranger hat
Wide brimmed ranger hat

Ranger hat                                  Made from tough 10oz cotton duck material which breathes naturally for summer coolness. Treated with DuPont teflon for water resistance. Complete with an adjustable chin strap which can be tucked away inside the hat with a neat velcro strap. There is also a second velcro pocket inside the crown of the hat for fishing licence, money etc.

Wide brimmed ranger hat
Wide brimmed ranger hat

Our Wide Brimmed Ranger Hat offers protection to the ears and back of the neck in a stylish and practical way and is treated with an anti-UV agent for maximum protection.
When we sent the material sample to the SGS Laboratory for testing, it went off the scale! It came back with an ‘actual’ UPF (Ultra- Violet Protection Factor) of 2569 allowing just 0.03% of UVA and 0.04% of UVB to pass through! Unfortunately, the ‘official’ rating system only goes up to a factor 50+… the equivalent of wearing factor 50 sunscreen, so we had to settle for this! Buy now

Why choose Snowbee specialist polarising sunglasses?

There are a number of reasons for wearing a pair of sunglasses. The most important for us is the safety and protection of your eyes. Almost all styles of fishing involve the hook flying through the air at some stage, be it the cast, strike or dare I say it the moment we lose a fish!

The huge bonus for wearing polarised lenses for safety comes from the enhanced visibility offered as a fishing tool, with the glare removed from the surface we can see more clearly below the surface helping us to spot fish, observe their activity depth and feeding habit as well as providing stalking opportunities.

Further, it can provide enhanced bite detection chances seeing your fly or lure being taken by a following fish, or monitoring the surface for movement of your line before you feel the bite, can give you that extra moment to set the hook on a shy biting fish!


Lens colour options explained

Smoke Green for general all-round use in bright light conditions and from the boat.

Amber for lower light conditions, such as morning, evening, or overcast and ideal for the rivers and under tree cover. Great all round option for many conditions.

Yellow for lowest light conditions, where the “light gathering” effect, enhances vision and heavy canopy reduces available light, best for stalking in overcast conditions.

Magnate sunglasses


Our range of magnalite sunglasses use magnesium alloy frames offering superior strength and rigidity but incredibly light for all day fishing comfort. The fine profile frames do not obstruct the view and wrap around each side with a small lens to prevent peripheral light entering. Spring-loaded frame arms, with soft, rubberised end sleeves, add to the comfort and fit. The lightweight wire nose-bridge, with rubberised nose pads can be custom bent to exactly fit your face/nose shape, further enhancing comfort and eliminating irritating nose-marks caused by some heavier glasses. Fitted with our top quality, scratch resistant, TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses, providing outstanding optical clarity & 99% polarisation.

Prestige sport sunglasses

Our range features lightweight polycarbonate frames with TAC (Tri-acetate cellulose) lenses. This new material offers superb polarisation coupled with outstanding distortion free optical clarity. A hard lens coating also provides scratch resistance.

The lenses are available in a choice of either Smoke Green – best for bright light conditions, Amber – best for lower-light conditions or Yellow – ideal for evening and night fishing, or under tree cover, due to their light gathering properties.

The Prestige Gamefisher, Streamfisher & Over-Specs Sunglasses come complete with a quality, hard protective case, with swivel-clip, to attach to D-ring or belt-loop, a neck lanyard and a micro-fibre cleaning cloth.

Prestige Gamefisher Sunglasses


A stylish new range, combining a simple, sleek design, with a close fitting, wrap around style. Lightweight nylon frames fit snugly to the face and wrap around the sides, with wide frame arms to block peripheral light. Buy online 

Prestige Streamfisher Sunglasses

Photo of Prestige stream fisher sunglasses
Prestige Streamfisher sunglasses

A classic design with sleek contoured frame arms. Fitted with rubberised frame arm tips and nose pads, for improved comfort and grip. The stylish, close -fitting, wrap-around frame prevents peripheral light entering, for enhanced fish spotting. Buy online

Prestige Over-Specs

Photo of prestige over specs
Prestige over specs

Designed for the angler who wears spectacles, these over-sized sunglasses  fit neatly right over your existing glasses. The deep top frame ensures they sit clear of your glasses and together with the side lenses, prevent any top or peripheral light entering. Buy online 

Prestige Magnifier Sunglasses

Photo of prestige magnifier glasses
Prestige magnifier glasses

If like many of us who now need reading glasses for close up work, the hassle of changing a fly will be only too well known to you! Our innovative new design features lightweight nylon frames, with quality polarised Polycarbonate lenses. Laminated to the bottom of the lenses are small +2.5 magnifier lenses. Buy online

Sports Sunglasses


Exceptional performance with style to match, fitted with elasticated neck lanyard lightweight lenses & comes with a neoprene case with clip attachment. Buy online 


Ultra lightweight black wrap around frames with a quality 0.75mm polythene polarised lens and side panels and rubberised frame arm pads. Buy online

Clip-on Sunglasses


These are undoubtedly the neatest Clip-on sunglasses we have ever come across! Frameless lenses fit over your glasses using an innovative centre spring tensioner.

Cap Peak magnifiers



Glasses or no glasses, this innovative device provides +2.5 magnification just where and when it’s needed for changing flies and tying leaders etc. When not required it simply flips up under the cap peak and out of the way.

All Snowbee Sunglasses exceed both the American and European Standards for eye protection in Sunglasses (EN 1836:2005). The UV400 lenses filter out 100% of harmful UVA & UVB radiation, for total eye protection. The Polarising filter selectively absorbs 99% of reflected glare, to allow better light contrast and more accurate colour definition, for enhanced fish spotting.



New Fly lines for 2016 – XS-Plus Nano Countdown Sink-Tip

This series of long head, long casting, sink-tip fly lines has been introduced by request to fill the void between the hugely successful Buzzer Line and our conventional sinking fly lines.

XS-Plus Nano Countdown Sink-Tip Fly Line range
XS-Plus Nano Countdown Sink-Tip Fly Line range

Two tip length options and two sink densities…

All feature 50ft heads and 120ft in total length, with the pastel shades and clear tip in all cases, to minimise spooking of any fish. The two tip length options and two sink densities of the range provide a diverse option for perfect control using this increasingly popular modern fishing style.

Especially for sea trout on the river…

The clear and fine tapered tips of either 7 or 12 feet in length on each density, serve to enhance minimal hinging and any potential casting ‘kick’, characteristic of multi-density and sink-tip fly lines. All are great for stillwater methods but will be versatile in a range of conditions especially for sea trout on the river.

The lines

WFCDS2-7ST Countdown Slow Sink-TipWFCDS2-7ST Countdown Slow Sink-Tip In a pastel shade of primrose, this is the slowest sinking option in the series. With a 7ft clear tip, and super slick XS-Plus Nano coated and low stretch monofilament core, the line is well equipped for extreme casting and maximum sensitivity, just beneath the surface even at range.

WFCDS2-7ST Countdown Slow Sink-Tip

Super slick XS-Plus Nano coated…

In a pastel shade of primrose, this is the slowest sinking option in the series. With a 7ft clear tip, and super slick XS-Plus Nano coated and low stretch monofilament core, the line is well equipped for extreme casting and maximum sensitivity, just beneath the surface even at range. Shop

WFCDS2-12ST Countdown Slow Sink-Tip

WFCDS2-12ST Countdown Slow Sink-Tip line has a longer sinking tip for reaching deeper and fishing a long slow nymph cast, but also handy for ‘washing line’ and strip methods immediately sub surface.
WFCDS2-12ST Countdown Slow Sink-Tip

Fishing a long slow nymph cast…

In a buckskin colour this line has a longer sinking tip of 12ft for reaching deeper and fishing a long slow nymph cast, but also handy for ‘washing line’ and strip methods immediately sub surface.      Shop now

WFCDF4-7ST Countdown Fast Sink-Tip

WFCDF4-7ST Countdown Fast Sink-Tip
WFCDF4-7ST Countdown Fast Sink-Tip

Will fish ‘sink and draw’…

A great casting line, with a faster sinking tip that will get the flies off the top at speed. Will fish ‘sink and draw’ well from bank or boat, or again with the ‘washing line’ adding some depth to the top dropper. A great long casting and pulling line too, for the fast retrieve. Shop

WFCDF4-12ST Countdown Fast Sink-Tip

WFCDF4-12ST Countdown Fast Sink-Tip
WFCDF4-12ST Countdown Fast Sink-Tip

With a 50ft head will fish at range too…

The fastest Snowbee sink tip. With a 12ft, 4ips tip, this line will fish buzzers and nymphs deep from a boat or bank and with a 50ft head will fish at range too, if required. The XS Nano finish provides smooth, finger-tip touch control of the retrieve and completes the new sink tip series. Suitable for Sea trout and getting down into deep pits on the river if necessary. Shop

Federation Peninsula Fly Fishers ‘Snowbee’ Perpetual Trophy Blagdon Lake

The Snowbee Perpetual Trophy was held again this year at the historic Blagdon Lake. 25 anglers had entered this annual event and with the forecast looking favourable all headed out with enthusiasm, unfortunately the forecast was not quite as predicted and with high winds and bright sunshine the fishing was testing to say the least.

blagdon lodge 1

The majority of the boats headed for the Top End of the lake and there were early catches but as the wind strengthened the fishing became harder, that said there were still fish being caught along the weed beds but not as you might expect with nymphs or Corixa, but bright lures.

A quality rainbow comes to the net on a bright lure
A quality rainbow comes to the net on a bright lure


The quality of the fish in Bristol Water Lakes never waivers, top quality fish and full mended tails. The best fish of the day was a beautiful 4lb 13oz Rainbow, this along with other fish over 3lb on the day makes this lake special.

blagdon rainbow
A quality Blagdon rainbow

The eventual winner had a total of 8 fish out of the 12 allowed, only 4 fish are kept and the remainder are recorded and returned safely to the water, Exeter angler and previous winner Pete Kempton mastered the conditions and collected the Snowbee Perpetual Trophy and a Snowbee XS ‘Stowaway’ travel case.

Pete Kempton mastered the conditions and collected the Snowbee Perpetual Trophy and a Snowbee XS ‘Stowaway’ travel case.
Pete Kempton with the Perpetual Trophy and his prize the Snowbee XS ‘Stowaway’ travel case.

In second place was another previous winner Dave Grove with another good bag on the day of 6 fish, he also collected a Snowbee travel accessory, the Snowbee Chest Wader bag.

Dave Grove with another good bag on the day of 6 fish, he also collected a Snowbee travel accessory, the Snowbee Chest Wader bag.
Dave Grove with his Snowbee prize of the Chest Wader bag.

There was also a mystery pair prize, all of the anglers were paired up at random and the combined weight of the 2 anglers produced a winning pair of Phil Sharpe & Dave Drake.

The England men’s Commonwealth team held a raffle to aid their expenses for the event which is being held in Canada this year, the top prize of a hand drawn picture of Blagdon Lodge by Dave Grove went to long time supporter John Waters

The prizes had all been kindly donated by Snowbee UK who are fabulous supporters of the Peninsula Federation

The sunfish – Sightings are not uncommon off the South West coast of the UK

Spotting a Sunfish basking on the surface while sea fishing is not an un common occurrence these days, but this unusual behaviour certainly grabs our attention!

These incredibly odd looking fish are more usually found in the equatorial regions of the Atlantic & Pacific oceans.

This Sun fish was pictured aboard the ‘Out the Blue’ Snowbee sponsored charter boat. After a quick photo the Sun fish was returned safely to the sea

A quick photo of the amazing sunfish before being returned
A quick photo of the amazing sunfish before being returned

These fish are believed to be the largest boney fish in the sea they can live up to 20yrs and can grow to a staggering 5,000 pounds in weight!

They normally spend their live swimming in the top 150 metres of water where the forage for squid, jellyfish, eels and small fish, but Sunfish can be found in water down to several hundreds metres deep.

However its the seemingly unusual behaviour of them  drifting in the current lying flat on the surface of the sea, that grabs our attention.

There seems to be no clear explanation for this strange behavior but here are a few theories;

  • Warming up after a deep dive
  • Warming up before a deep dive
  • Resting and allowing the currents of the world to take them to their prey
  • Sunbathing while allowing birds to pick off parasites from their body!

Keep your eyes peeled next time you are out on a boat in the channel, a great sight to see!

TUF-LINE 4ORCE – Ultimate fresh and saltwater braid


4orce-FamilyATUF-LINE 4ORCE takes power fishing to a new level. Utilising their new TUF-X fiber, this premium 4-carrier braid is the best choice for ultimate strength. 4ORCE delivers a round, incredibly strong, abrasion resistant line with minimal stretch that drives hooks deep.

The proprietary coating process provides toughness, longevity and a more permanent coloration of the line.

TUF-LINE 4ORCE, the ultimate saltwater spinning line

Whether you’re fishing heavy cover or just looking for brute strength, 4ORCE is the ultimate fresh and saltwater braid. So when a big bite is on the line……choose 4ORCE.

Steve McClure with Mrs Robinsons rainbow

Steve McClure – “When choosing something as critical as fishing line four things jump out at me as I ask myself 1) Will the line hold up day after day with everything that I am going to put it through, 2) What is the knot strength and performance when under stress, 3) Does it come off the reel easily and thus improve casting distance, 4) How is the sensitivity of the line? TUF-LINE excels in all of these areas and then some and that is why I use and trust TUF-LINE.”

TUF-LINE braided superlines add superior strength, sensitivity and handling to every fishing application. Our superior engineering offers a wide selection of lines to suit your needs. For the new user, there are distinct differences between TUF-LINE and traditional monofilament lines you may be used to.

Mark Glassmaster - Steelhead
Mark Glassmaster – with a nice Steelhead

Mark Glassmaster – “The Kenai River is home to the largest king salmon in the world. TUF-LINE has the strength and power to take on these world record salmon with ease.  If you too are serious about landing monster king salmon, there’s only one choice for braided line: GET TUF!!!”


Choosing line by diameter, not breaking strength:
TUF-LINE offers an incredible strength and diameter advantage over monofilament lines. When choosing a TUF-LINE to replace a monofilament line, it’s usually best to choose a TUF-LINE with comparative diameter to the monofilament. This might mean replacing 12-pound monofilament with 50-pound TUF-LINE. The benefit to this approach is maintaining similar handling characteristics to what’s currently comfortable. Sure, that’s incredibly strong, and yes, your days of breaking off fish and lures may be over. The area where this is not the case is in applications like offshore fisheries, where you may use a comparative strength TUF-LINE to the monofilament you’ve previously used in order to gain substantial line capacity on your reel. Another area might be one in which TUF-LINEs diameter advantage is used to dramatically increase casting distance, as in bank or surf fishing.

Spool the line tight:

Unlike monofilament, TUF-LINE has very limited stretch, a hard exterior and very little memory. TUF-LINE does not grip a reel spool like monfilaments do. The solution to any problems is found in how the line is spooled. Prior to spooling up with TUF-LINE, put a wrap of electrical tape on the empty spool. This gives the line something to bite into. Another option is to back the line with a few turns of Dacron or monofilament, which achieves the same result of preventing slippage.

Wind the line on tightly and under steady pressure. Packing the reel well will eliminate any opportunity for the line to dig into the spool. If done properly the first time, you’ll experience years of trouble-free use.

4ORCE_box_spool_green4ORCE-box spool greenSet drags properly:

If running TUF-LINE straight to a lure, set your drag to no more than 30% of the line’s breaking strength. If using a monofilament leader, recognize there is probably a drastic difference in the breaking strength of the TUF-LINE and a light monofilament leader, and set the drag to protect the leader.

Double knots perform better:
TUF-LINE’s aerospace fibers and coatings don’t bite into one another when knotted. For this reason, poorly tied knots can slip under a load. For general applications, use of a Palomar knot will hold with exceptional strength. To incorporate a wide family of knots, tie them with a doubled length of TUF-LINE to add significant strength.

Watch for fraying:
TUF-LINE does not break down in sunlight like monofilament. It is susceptible to nicks and abrasion. After continued use, watch for wear or fraying close to terminal gear. Remove a short length of the worn line an retie if necessary.

Use a Controlled Hook Set:
All TUF-LINEs have considerably less stretch than monofilament lines. Therefore, a monster hook set is not necessary. Be firm and controlled. TUF-LINE hits nearly as hard at 100 feet as it does at 10.


Cut with Knife or Scissors

TUF-LINE is incredibly strong and very small diameter. DO NOT EVER attempt to break it with hands or cut through it with your teeth. You will lose, perhaps be wounded and maybe require some dental work. A good pair of scissors or a knife is all that’s necessary.

On another note, do not ever wind TUF-LINE line around fingers, hands or arms while fishing, attempting to land a fish, or freeing a snag. See reasons above. For freeing snags, place a couple wraps of line around your reel, point the rod straight at the snag and holding the reel frame, pull straight away.

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Bill Boyce
IGFA Anglers Digest

“TUF-LINE’S performance far exceed my expectations. I use to cringe when fishging braided fishing line, but with TUF-LINE I grin!”