Snowbee Slimline Fly Boxes 

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Slimline Fly Boxes 

Snowbee offers a great range of Fly Boxes that provide storage solution’s for all fishing requirements. These slimline design fly boxes are made from tough ABS plastic, with a clear lid for quick and easy fly identification. Fitted with the latest high-density silicone foam, which gives a constant firm grip, with no ‘stretching’ over time and will not damage with repeated hook insertion and removal. The unique, staggered foam slits hold all dry flies and nymphs firmly. 
14755 Slimline Silicone-foam Fly Box – Small
The slim profile & size of the small fly box is ideal to slip into a shirt or vest pocket, when ‘fishing light’ which makes it ideal for the roaming angler when river fishing.
Size: 138mm x 96mm x 16mm
14756 Slimline Silicone-foam Fly Box – Large
The large version of the slim profile fly box is still perfect to slip into a fly vest pocket, when ‘fishing light’ but is also ideal for the likes of boat & stillwater fishing, flies can easily be separated to match different styles & conditions and with the clear easy view lid you can quickly see what flies are in each box.
Size: 188mm x 103mm x 17mm


14755 NEW SLIMLINE SILICONE FOAM FLY BOX – Small £12.99    Buy Now… 
14756 NEW SLIMLINE SILICONE FOAM FLY BOX – Large £14.99 Buy Now…