In Depth review – Snowbee Classic Neoprene Waders

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This week we review the Snowbee Classic Neoprene waders.

The most successful Neoprene wader the company has yet produced. First launched towards the end of 2015, these waders were a bit of a toe in the water to see if a new material and cut really was as good as we were hearing from our colleagues in New Zealand where they had first been on test.

Reports for the new Classics were very promising and most importantly they were proving almost totally reliable too. At the possibility of risking yet another cheaper neoprene wader in a product prone suffering rubber break down and popped stitches, we proceeded with some scepticism but in no time with the results we had were amazing and we need not have worried. We started with just the Cleated, Boot footed Thigh and Chest wader options initially… By the time we had sold 1000 pairs we had received less than a hand full of returns!! (one of those a toe nail issue) Real success and not even as much as 0.5% failed in the first year – we had at last achieved a truly winning combination of neoprene wader design and material.

There are different types of neoprene and since then we have rolled out the spiked felt sole and stocking foot options plus limited fuller body sizes in cleated, with nearly 40 different design and size combinations, each to fill a much needed demand for reliable neoprene waders.

There are different types of neoprene and these are 4mm double lined SCR Neoprene, in olive green with reinforced knees for extended wear. Comfortable Neoprene lined PVC boots and fully adjustable reversible braces on the chest waders for a roll down facility, for when it gets really hot or for walking any distance.  A sound wader to boot join has also proved invaluable to help with reliability in the high wear areas. 








The basic Cleated sole is a rigid design for good grip and frim support in most conditions in both chest and thigh versions. Plus there is now a spiked felt sole option too in the chest wader. Thick black felt under the sole and protruding strong steel spikes under the sole and heel provide great grip on slippery rocks or a dam wall for example. The cleated option can be more suitable for better grip on soft mud and grassy banks. For the sea shore and angler preferring to wear their own wading boots or the super grip Rock hopper wading boots, there is also now a full range of stocking foot options too. 









Classic Neoprene Cleated Chest sizes 6-13 (& Fuller Body 8-12) £109.99 (& £119.99)  Buy Now…

Classic Neoprene Studded Felt Chest Sizes 6-13 (& Fuller Body 8-12) £135.99 (& £145.99)  Buy Now…

Classic Neoprene Stocking Foot Chest Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL £109.99  Buy Now…

Classic Neoprene Thigh Cleated sole sizes 6-13 £79.99   Buy Now…


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