Looking for the right style of sunglasses to suit your fishing needs?

Snowbee Sunglasses

Our great range of specialist sunglasses combine traditional & retro styles with modern wrap-arounds using the latest state-of-the-art lens technology. Our new flagship Spectre range offers sunglasses for every possible purpose. Alongside these we have our exciting dry fly sunglasses, sports sunglasses, classic models, bi focal & clip on models, all at class leading prices…

Why wear specialist sunglasses?

There are a number of reasons for wearing a pair of sunglasses. The most important for us is the safety and protection of your eyes. Almost all styles of fishing involve the hook flying through the air at some stage, be it the cast, strike or dare I say it the moment we lose a fish!

The huge bonus for wearing polarised lenses for safety comes from the enhanced visibility offered as a fishing tool, with the glare removed from the surface we can see more clearly below the surface helping us to spot fish, observe their activity depth and feeding habit as well as providing stalking opportunities.

Further, it can provide enhanced bite detection chances seeing your fly or lure being taken by a following fish, or monitoring the surface for movement of your line before you feel the bite, can give you that extra moment to set the hook on a shy biting fish!

Smoke/Grey/Green for general all-round use in bright light conditions and from the boat.

Amber for lower light conditions, such as morning, evening, or overcast and ideal for the rivers and under tree cover. Great all round option for many conditions.

Yellow for lowest light conditions, where the “light gathering” effect, enhances vision and heavy canopy reduces available light, best for stalking in overcast conditions.

Yellow non polarising lens for dry fly fishing, the solid fly silhouette stands out against the glare of the water, while the yellow lens helps take the brightness away. If this glare is removed by a polarising lens, the dry fly melts into the background colour of the water, making it harder to see.

Spectre ‘Dry Fly’ Sunglasses  £26.99

Our new Spectre ‘Dry-Fly’ specialist sunglasses, exclusive to Snowbee, feature lightweight polycarbonate frames and 2mm polycarbonate, yellow, non-polarised lenses for the ultimate fly and take detection. We know this goes against all the usual rules in fly fishing, where polarised lenses are commonly used to eliminate glare, but in dry-fly fishing, especially in ideal overcast conditions, the requirements are different. Why not polarised?…

Specialist Dry Fly

When dry fly fishing, the solid fly silhouette stands out against the glare of the water, while the yellow lens helps take the brightness away. If this glare is removed by a polarising lens, the dry fly melts into the background colour of the water, making it harder to see. This new specialist un-polarised sunglass is perfect for dry-fly fishing, giving greater clarity to keep your fly in sight at all times, reducing missed takes. Buy Online

Spectre Full frame Sunglasses £36.99
When we set about designing the new Spectre range of sunglasses, we knew we had to come up with something different to meet the demands of modern day anglers. It’s no longer just about eye protection – you need to look and feel good in your shades and if you feel good…. you catch more fish! Buy Online
Spectre Wrap Open Frame Sunglasses £36.99
A modern, open frame design, which are a close-fitting wrap-around style, which sits close to your face. Coupled with the wide frame arms, they help eliminate virtually all peripheral light. All models are made with lightweight polycarbonate frames, with the latest 1mm TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lens. Buy Online
Prestige Gamefisher & Streamfisher sunglasses £24.99
A stylish range of sunglasses combining a simple sleek design with a close fitting wrap around style, the stream fisher have rubberised frame arm tips & nose pads for extra comfort & grip. Buy Online
Sports Magnifier Sunglasses £42.99
The most innovative sunglasses we have ever developed offering a completely new concept in ‘Flip-Up’ magnifiers. Rather than the usual clip-on magnifiers, our new model has them built-in, with a neat ‘flip-up’ mechanism as part of the frame. Black gloss TR-90 frame with rubber frame-arm tips for comfort. TAC polarised lens in Smoke or Amber. Flip-up 2.5x magnifiers sit neatly under your cap peak but are right there when you need them for changing flies, leaders etc. Can also be unclipped if not required. Buy Online
Prestige Magnifier Sunglasses £69.99
These are small enough to be unobtrusive in normal use, but glance down, as you do when changing leaders or flies and the 2.5x magnification, brings everything into sharp focus. Available in Black frame with Smoke lenses, Brown frame with Amber lenses or Black frame with Yellow lenses. Buy Online

Classic Sunglasses 

A new range of budget-priced sunglasses, offering what Snowbee is famous for – great quality & performance, coupled with outstanding value for money! With the new Classic range, we’ve stripped away all unnecessary extras to allow us to offer top quality sunglasses at unbelievable prices! A basic range comprising four models, with a choice of traditional Retro frames, plus Open and Full-Frame wraparounds in different styles, so there is a model to suit every taste. Despite their competitive prices, the Classic range are made with lightweight polycarbonate frames fitted with the latest 1mm TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses



The Classic Retro Sunglasses £14.99

These two models, offer a traditional style with a choice of frame & lens colours… Buy Online


Classic Open Frame Sunglasses £17.99
The modern design of these close-fitting wrap-around sunglasses, coupled with the swept-back, sports lenses, offers the ultimate protection from peripheral light. Buy Online


Classic Full Frame Sunglasses £14.99
A Full Frame design, which still retains the close-fitting, wrap around style, to help eliminate virtually all peripheral light. Buy Online


Classic Sports Sunglasses £14.99
The Classic Sports range is the ultimate Wrap-Around style and as close a fit as it’s possible to be. Coupled with the full-frame design, these models cut out virtually all peripheral light. This range also includes a Mirror Lens option, ideal for really bright light conditions. Buy Online