Winter Reel maintenance – Time to prepare your reels & prolong their life.

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ReelX Lubricants 
Buying an expensive reel and then not lubricating it properly is like buying a Ferrari and not changing the oil! Any piece of precision engineering needs correct lubrication for maximum performance and to protect all bearing surfaces, to prolong its life…
Any piece of precision engineering, especially if its been near sea water needs correct lubrication for maximum performance and to protect all bearing surfaces. Our range of reel lubricants not only enhances your reel’s performance, but also prevents corrosion, to prolong
your reel’s life.
Our ultra-high-tech lubricants, manufactured in Germany, are the latest generation, incorporating ‘molecular bonding’ technology, so they actually adhere to the metal surfaces, providing ‘persistent lubrication’ and an impermeable barrier to saltwater, to eliminate corrosion. 
A new generation of reel lubricants, to protect your valuable investment! 
The range includes 4 models: 
ReelX – a high tech reel oil for general purpose use on all reels, particularly bearings. Buy now
SpeedX – an extreme pressure reel oil, with a wide operating temperature range, making it ideal for high speed reels, such as beachcasters and long distance fixed spool reels.  Buy now
ReelX Grease – Medium – an ideal grease for all heavy duty moving parts such as gears, levers, anti-reverse dogs, etc.  Buy now
ReelX Grease – Soft – similar properties to the ‘medium’ formula, but in a soft grease, making it ideal for lighter applications and also perfect for applying a light coating to the inside of a reel cage, for complete saltwater protection. Buy now