Snowbee’s New Prestige G-XS Graphene Fly Rod

Snowbee (UK) Ltd has been a brand renowned for exceptional value, innovation and quality with a customer service to match for years now, and celebrates 35 years in April. These rods however represent the pinnacle of that achievement for which we have worked towards and waited a long time to be able to deliver. When teamed up with an XS fly line like the New Spectre Distance, Thistledown or simple Twin Colour for example, they advance to something quite exceptional !!.

“The last time I fell in love with something this much I married her…”

Light in the hand and truly effortless to cast, with a finish to match the quality of the construction. The new Prestige rods are very special & are priced at under £500 but of the quality perhaps of rods that one might expect to be twice the price & already in strong demand.

Initial feedback has been exciting “Awesome,…. awesome….” was the simple feedback from one astounded & highly respected angler when casting the 10ft #7wt for the first time. Another stated “The last time I fell in love with something this much I married her…”, after testing the 9ft #6wt G-XS with a Thistledown #5/7.

A growing smile & raised eyebrow in amazement, has been the response of everybody so far. Graphene is so unique that the new Prestige GXS fly rods represent the Formula one in fly rod design and construction today.  

“All good things come to those who wait” We’ve been saying, as many testers have who have tried the finished samples, these rods are the best we have ever made & perhaps the best new rods on the market today.  Everybody who has tried one so far has said the same and been so impressed with the unique and effortless performance deliverable from the whole range of 15 rods in total.

“A light rod that provides the necessary “feel” to deliver small flies accurately, & the power to cope with larger flies & sinking lines. As close as you will get to a one size fits all rod & Andrew’s favourite in the test…”

*Trout & Salmon magazine April 2019

Full Stocks are yet to arrive but are imminent with a couple more weeks still to delivery in the UK. Back orders have started piling up already & these will all be shipped the moment stock arrives. There is also additional stock en-route for the most popular sizes. Demand is going to be high for the rod but we are very pleased to have, what we believe is a real winner, that will be every bit worth waiting for.