Snowbee Waders, Tough, Durable & very Reliable. Not just for river fishing!

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Snowbee Waders – it’s all about reliability, comfort and practicality, we have a terrific range of waders to suit every need from fish farming and coarse fishing to worm digging in the estuary and Salmon fishing on the Tay… 

Granite PVC Waders:

A budget-priced range, perfect for bait digging, boat launching, or general beach fishing.

But don’t be put off by the price – these are tough, laminated PVC/Nylon waders & the most reliable in the range! more…


210D Nylon Waders:

Lightweight, but incredibly tough & flexible. Available in thigh & chest models and in different sole options for all surfaces.

A quality all-round wader, suitable for all fishing operations. more…

Classic Neoprene Waders:

For those anglers beach-casting & looking for warmth, look no further than the Classic Neoprene range.

Our most reliable neoprene wader EVER and one which won’t break the bank!

Available in Thigh & Chest Bootfoot, in different sole options and in Stockingfoot, for use with wading boots. more…

Prestige STX & Ranger Breathable Waders:

For summer fishing, or for those roving anglers who walk a long way to their fishing, breathable is the answer!

Our two ranges offer different price points & features, but both are the most reliable breathables, we’ve ever made! more…



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