A fine Brown trout caught using our new Thistledown line...

New Nano Coating Technology pushes Snowbee fly line performance to the extreme…

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The secret behind the legendary performance of Snowbee fly lines has been the unique coating formula and profile, in conjunction with the classic low-stretch core. This has made Snowbee lines renowned for being amongst the most supple and memory free performance lines available.

Many have tried and failed to replicate this formula, but there is still only one ‘original’ Snowbee fly line… 

Over the years there have been minor changes in production and last year’s Nano-Technology is seen as a winning formula across the range with its unmistakable profile and suppleness.

In using this new technology, Snowbee have refined the original formula and manufacturing techniques to enhance the already superb, supple, memory-free performance so loved by fly fishers worldwide.

A fine spring Salmon, using our Nano coated Scandinavian Spey line
A fine spring Salmon, using our Nano coated Scandinavian Spey line

New Nano Coating Technology (NCT) has enabled Snowbee to produce the softest, most supple, best casting and longest lasting fly lines in their history. The smaller nano particles result in a silky smooth surface finish and a more dense material. So whether sinking or floating, the XS fly lines now have a finer, more durable silky-finish profile which exceeds even the legendary performance of the original XS lines.

Check out the pictures below, they don’t lie – Snowbee’s latest tech has made their top performing XS Fly Lines softer, more supple and longer lasting than ever before…

The images were taken using an electron-microscope. They emphasise and illustrate the vast improvements of the new technology over the old. The results have been outstanding, maintaining profile and design, which is crucial, but enhancing the previous performance.

Original Snowbee XS-Plus Fly Line (magnification x350)
New Snowbee XS-Plus Nano-Tec Fly Line (magnification x350)







Snowbee have not stopped at Nano Coating Technology either. Always looking for continuous improvement, there are tests currently being made on an even more advanced nano-technology that is set to take Snowbee fly lines to yet another level, being even smoother and even more advanced than ever before…


When first introduced in 2015, Thistledown was something unique and new, quickly becoming Snowbee’s fastest selling fly line. When launched, there were a few early memory issues and technical challenges until Snowbee adapted fully to the new procedure of manufacturing using the fine monofilament core. From then on, our biggest problem has simply been to make enough of them to keep up with demand across the UK, the whole of Europe & elsewhere. Technology has moved on again and, working with world leaders in braided line technology, we have now replaced the mono core with a superb new braided core version that we are calling the XS-Thistledown.
‘Awesome’, ‘Sensational’, ‘Outstanding’ are just a few of the descriptions that have been fed back to us by early users and top anglers worldwide who have been involved in testing this new version for Snowbee.

Thistledown2 Fly Lines

Now with zero memory issues, a finer but stronger core and more supple than ever before, this line is set to exceed the performance of even the best selling original Thistledown. Due to improved core technology, it has a thicker outer coating, allowing it to float higher despite having the same diameter. It will last longer, but still has the same profile and performance befitting its name. It casts and delivers with the proverbial “Thistledown” delicacy and precision one would expect from such an elite and aptly named new fly line. Rated from #2-5wt for the single line, the new Thistledown Plus will perform outstandingly on any fly rod rated between AFTM #2 and #5, regardless of its length. It takes some believing, but once you’ve tried this line for yourself you will see exactly what we mean.

A warning on copies.
If your line doesn’t come in a Snowbee box with either two braided loops , or a welded/whipped loop at either end, then it is not a Snowbee fly line. Being a brand leader leaves a company open to copyists and we have seen our fair share of counterfeit fly lines on the market this past year or so.

Remember, all genuine Snowbee fly lines will only be supplied in welded bespoke packaging and will be clearly distinguishable by the branding. All our XS fly lines, since 2015, have been made using the new extra smooth and longer lasting nano Coating Technology and each box is clearly marked to confirm this supreme finish.