Snowbee Waders ‘In Depth’ review-Wadermaster 210D

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Snowbee’s UK Wader business started 34 years ago & since then has gone through many generations of wader in all shapes & sizes pioneering with new designs and materials.

In this series over the next few weeks, we will visit and feature each of the designs in the current Snowbee range, explain the features of each and how best to look after them starting with the latest and best selling 210D Wadermaster.

The original Snowbee wader, now with a superb fitting cut and modern cleated sole plus a combi Felt sole option in both chest and thigh too. 

The basic Cleated sole is a rigid version for good grip and wear in most conditions.

There is a combi felt sole option too, with thick felt under the sole and a strong cleated heel.

These are best for slippery stones or a Dam wall for example, but the cleated option can be more suitable for better grip on soft mud and grassy banks. 


The 210D Nylon Construction makes these waders extremely durable but still very light weight too. Perfect for fishing but also many other waterside applications too.


With a soft laminated PVC Lining these are perfectly waterproof and there is a water proof pocket inside for car keys etc on the Chest waders plus a zipped front pocket with hand warmer packet in behind and a mesh pocket outside again for quick and convenient external access.

Sizes range from 5-15 in the cleated sole and 5 -14 on the Combi felt soles of both plus 8-12 in a 15 % larger Fuller Body option on the cleated chest version.  Hosing down these waders after use, especially if used in mud or saltwater and hanging up to dry thoroughly is important especially the felt soles f you want them to last and best stored hanging feet upper most rather then putting away folded once dry


Wadermaster, styles, sizes and pricing

Cleated Chest (11290-01) 5-15 £109.99 Buy Online, Cleated FB Chest (11290.01FB) 8-12 £117.99 Buy Online, Combi Chest (11290.02) 5-14 £119.99 Buy Online210D Cleated Thigh (11291.01) 5-15 £75.99 Buy Online, Combi felt sole thigh (112910.02) 5-14 £82.99 Buy Online