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“Scotland team, heap praise on Snowbee Thistledown2 flyline”


Manager of the Team Alan Hill and indeed all of Team Scotland knew how difficult conditions on the river would be following several practise sessions in the weeks prior to the event. 


With bright sunshine, low river conditions and prevailing winds blowing the length of the river it was obvious to all the guys that only one line would be able to handle all situations with ease.


As a result of extensive practise Team Scotland in its entirety went out using the Thistledown 2 coupled with 15ft tapered leaders which were then extended beyond 20ft tapering to 0.1mm and 0.08mm diameters.


This allowed us to fish dries at distance even into a headwind and quickly change to single nymph using the same cast set up. This allowed more fishing time and coupled with the length of leaders we were using on 2wt and 3wt rods the performance of the line was staggering.

As manager of Team Scotland I was sold on the Thistledown prior to match preparations but we now have another six converts in our set up who are raving about the lines performance.


The Scotland Team would like to express their sincere thanks to Snowbee UK for their support at the recent River International on the River 


To all at Team Snowbee from all at Team Scotland a very sincere thank you again…


Alan Hill