Local Bass Anglers needed to help with the Plymouth University I-Bass tagging programme:

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Local Bass Anglers needed to help with the Plymouth University I-Bass tagging programme:

Snowbee (UK) Ltd., are proud to be associated with the Plymouth University I-Bass tagging programme.

This innovative programme, aims to investigate the effectiveness of Bass Nursery areas, in the Taw/Torridge, Salcombe & Dart Estuaries.

Juvenile bass are caught by various methods, with the preference being rod & line and then have an electronic tag, surgically inserted into the abdomen. These emit a signal, which is detected at a range of up to 500m, by an array of underwater detectors, deployed in and around the estuaries.

The programme will run for 2 years, over which time, the data collected, will give an invaluable insight into the movement & survival of juvenile bass in our estuary nursery areas, to help determine just how effective these protected areas are.

The Taw/Torridge project has now been completed, but we are now appealing to local anglers to help with the Salcombe project, from 28th July to 3rd August and the Dart project, from 4th – 9th August.

Both shore & kayak anglers are welcome to participate and as an added incentive, any angler who signs up, fishes the event & lands at least one viable bass (over 25cms), will qualify for a 50% DISCOUNT, on any single purchase, from Snowbee (UK) Ltd.

Anyone interested in participating, should contact the lead scientist, Thomas Stamp on 07729-060551, or email: thomas.stamp@plymouth.ac.uk who will provide details, times & the location of the holding cages & tagging stations in each estuary.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone is aware how protective anglers are of their ‘favourite marks’, so you can be assured that no details of catch locations will be publicised.

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