Which Fishing Net is Best for you?

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With Lock down continuing for the time being, as we all help to assist the marvellous NHS in the quest to help us fight and defend ourselves and loved ones  from  this deadly virus sweeping the world right now, there are many of us just wishing we could get out and go fishing.

With that thought in mind, there will be a time when we can again but, in the meantime, we can only research and plan for what surely promises to be perhaps the best fishing we have ever known in our lifetimes to come.  Anticipation of memorable opening days on all waters as we return to our best fisheries and favourite  places that have been rested for so long. Preparation for that day is the one thing we can put our minds to right now. So, in the coming weeks, we hope to share with you some of the lesser known facts about some of the Snowbee products and the thoughts that have gone into many of them to make them the quality products that many people already recognise and appreciate them for today.

Every time we venture out to the water, we hope to have a day of pleasure, with whatever good fortune and success it provides to hopefully become a most memorable day that will perhaps remain with us always, for all the right reasons.

A couple of years ago Simon prepared a series of articles to help provide some thoughts on various products we might be considering we take with us and things to look out for. We propose to revisit and have a reminder on some of those in the coming days and weeks and provide some insight into some of the strengths, design and manufacture behind many Snowbee products, that makes them the successful choice of top anglers the world over.

Having done the hard work of catching that most elusive fish, how many of us really give enough thought or think twice about the net we choose to try and land it with?

How many fish, especially the best of them and often the biggest ones, get away ‘lost at the net’? Often the choice of net, or simply the handle, can make so much difference and is all too often overlooked. When designing a new net, the handle can be as important as the mesh, bag and frame, all of which have to be considered if to be ideal.

Snowbee Telescopic/Folding Landing Nets


A most practical and neat design has, for a long time, been a folding, telescopic net, with a triangular shaped ‘V’ frame and flexible front edge. There are many popular designs of all shapes and sizes to choose from.  At Snowbee there have for a long time been six different size options of folding net in particular, suitable for many applications and proved hugely popular for over 20 years now as they continue to be, without a single design change still to this day.

Many nets have rubber mesh these days, more fish friendly and whilst it is not such a practical option with this net style (because of the extra bulk) when it comes to catch and release it is a most important consideration. Also, after fishing, rubberised nets are easily cleaned, free from odours and tend to be more durable when passing through undergrowth and less prone to hook snagging too.

The handles on the longer versions of the folding/telescopic nets are a twist and lock style, which is very versatile and functionally simple. When landing a fish, it is important to have a

long enough handle to slide the net under the fish easily and at an angle that does not stress the rod tip, or in trying to net the fish too close, when the rod tip flex is pushed to extreme, releasing pressure and the fatal experience occurs as the fish drops off just as it is about to be landed. 

A most practical and neat design has, for a long time, been a folding, telescopic net, with a triangular shaped ‘V’ frame and flexible front edge.

1.Unclip net from belt 2.Flip net open 3.Place foot on rubber tube & adjust handle 4.Land fish single-handed


The newer folding handle nets are a great option to consider today but these do not fold in the head as well. Extremely easy to use and hold on one’s person but of course the net itself not folding. Finally for the fully folding nets there are a couple of holster/scabbard options to keep them from snagging etc when not it use. 


There are other options of course other than the above and the 3-IN-1 NET being one of those. Now also with a rubber mesh, this net was conceived at Snowbee some 10 years ago when Simon had just joined the company.

3 in 1 Hand Landing Net

He had been fortunate to travel widely competing in numerous International Competitions, where the net rules were very specific. Nobody at the time made a net that was perfect for all the applications. A lot of the fishing involved rivers and when wading, a short handle ‘pan’ net was often used and conveniently attached by a magnet to a ‘D ring’ on ones back or waist. For a long time, he had wanted to address this issue as the handles simply weren’t long enough/ Although the rules permitted you could use one of longer size there were none commercially available. He proposed a slightly longer handle, that was strong but still light when carried and eventually we succeeded in making one, an adaptation from three individual net preferences at the time, with a custom-made handle. This became a favourite net and still used today and complied with all the rules.

The other benefit is that it now come comes with a rubber mesh, which can be easily changed if needed.  There are other similar copies of this popular design today but beware they do not all display the same reliable features nor with an easy net change facility. Having taken on the challenge to produce this net on a commercial scale, the ‘3-in-1’ it proved to be a best-selling net ever since. Consisting of two handles (one for wading, one not), both are telescopic, providing the perfect solution. The rubberised mesh complies with rules for river, bank and boat fishing, with an additional net of a bigger size and more substantial handle designed specifically for the boat angler in a similar style. The handle is still telescopic but stronger more heavy duty, to support the larger net head and extended length, with an extra grip on the shaft.



All the components of both are fully interchangeable between the two net head sizes and all three handles. Of further benefit is that the net head shapes are both ideal for attaching via a magnet and whether right or left-handed, the net handle deliberately kicks perfectly to one side for instant accessibility when set up properly whether left or right handed. 


Fixed handle nets are still useful too and frame size and depth are important considerations in any design, along with mesh size. Too fine a mesh and the net will be heavy and drag in the water, too big and small fish can pass through and damage fins. Some nets also have gadgets like weighing scale handles and tape measures in them, which can be useful, but simplicity and ease of use are still key and added features can prove disappointing and heavy and become a gadget too far if they ever go wrong.

Simplicity is often key and the addition of the recent popular Snowbee folding nets has proved a great extension to the range and sold out within weeks when first introduced too. The most recent telescopic options of folding net will shortly take their notable place in the ever reliable Snowbee game net range. The new Folding Game Nets are simple with a folding handle and fixed head with an optimum mesh for game fishing. These too have a clip on the handle to attach conveniently to a belt or ‘D’ ring clip.

Plenty to choose from, each designed with purpose and thorough testing, with a reliable quality and competitive priced as always to match. 


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Folding Game net simple action
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  1. Stuart Smitham

    Possibly one of the most under rated pieces of fly fishing equipment, youll cary all day and not realise.

    People spend hundreds of pounds of their hard earned, yet pay scant attention to what is actually going to save their bacon. Its at this crucial point, when the fish is lolling on the surface for briefest of seconds, that the net transform into a life saver, by engulfing our fish and preventing another run for freedom.

    If you can afford to spend lots of money on fly fishing tackle, spend a little extra on a good net. They’re worth their weight in gold in the final stages of a fight